Hillary Gone from the Headlines: It’s Over

Evey morning when I wake up I take a look at my igoogle page and get a quick sese of what has transpired while I was asleep, and what appears to be big and developing stories about the new day.

My igoogle includes msm newspapers like the NYT, WAPO, WSJ; intl feeds like Reuters, Intl. Tribune; and blogs–FDL; Kos; TPM; POlitico, Alternet, and so forth.

For months, I noticed nearly everyday was a Clinton day, meaning one or two scrawls under each banner had a story with a Clinton in it.  

Since last Wed., the number of Hillary of Bill headlines have declined so that right now, I see one POlitico stoy and one Alternet story about Hillary.  

Doesn’t even matter any more whether these stories are positive o negative (they are not positive). What counts is that the candidate is slowly being ignored by the press, which is worse than being condemned. Press is the lifebolld of any viable candidacy. The media is voting with their by-lines since the WVA tally and since the Edwards Endorsement, which seems to have sealed the Obama is nominee deal with readers.

In my opinion, the meaning is clear. it is all a matter of time before Clinton concedes the race; ad Obama is declared the presumptive nominee. whether it is this tuesday after Oregon gives him the majority he has been waiting fore, or after June 3 after the last votes are counted.  No matter.


2 responses to “Hillary Gone from the Headlines: It’s Over

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  2. Before the Clinton’s began their recent end-run around the 22-Amendment, both knew there was a fatal flaw. The Clintons knew their role in bringing CSUMB (the Clinton College) to fruition. They appointed the corrupt Vermont Congressman who would run it, and even helped select who would graduate from it. In fact, the Clintons orchestrated the entire goings-on. “Bill and Hillary Clinton have always believed that they’re very different than the rest of us … they’ve learned one important and consistent lesson: that rules don’t matter. Rules don’t apply to them. Rules are for other people,” writes Dick Morris. Chances are you’ve heard nothing of CSUMB. Which begs the question(s): How much more will the Clintons get away with? What will be the long-term consequences: http://theseedsof9-11.com

    Ps. On a lighter note, for an excellent Hillary Clinton impersonation, That Hillary Show: http://www.rosemarywatson.com

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