The Golfer-in-Chief Mischips Another Shot

Of all the things President Bush could have sacrificed as a symbolic act that these were not ordinary times, that the country needed to rally around the troops, their families, itself, all he came up with is golf. 

Last evening, Keith Olbermann went to town on this revelation and his compelling special comment about the president’s golf sacrifice, is worthy of praise.

Olbermann Blasts Bush\’s Golfing Remark

But let me come at it from a slightly different angle. During the last five years, political observers have documented the abundance of gross incompetence, negligence, high crimes and misdemeanors and other impeachable offenses since the US first invaded Iraq.  Obviously the president should have been brought to justice a long time ago. He should have been impeached, convicted and should now be sitting before a war crimes tribunal (hopefully, the latter will still occur). 

But here’s the thing,  given this context, I suggest that rather than giving up golf, the president should have given up something of greater symbolic import– like the presidency.  I say this because Bush was as incompetent at golf as he was at the presidency.  All he plays is speed golf and he is lousy at that. Speed golf is a version of golf that defeats the purpose of this sport being about concentration, focus and other mental and mind-body faculties. Unlike speed chess which heightens these faculties, speed golf is golf for people with ADHS (not meant as a cut against ADHD).

As says

George W. Bush doesn’t just play golf either. He plays bad golf, the only kind you can really respect. W. learned speed golf from his father, and it’s the only way he prefers to play. Pity the French diplomats who want a traditional golf meeting with our President. They better get those chicken legs moving. Bush hits a shot and goes, speeding off to follow his ball and quickly hit it again. Thinking? Who needs thinking!

As Olbermann observed, golf is so trivial a sacrifice as to be sublimely idiotic.  Clearly, the president should have resigned the office of the presidency as his atonement for what he had done: to the troops, their families, Americans everywhere, and the entire world.  

Only that act would have convinced me he was serious about atoning for the war.




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