Edwards Endorsement Perfectly Timed

I was more than a bit surprised that the John Edwards endorsement of barack Obama is getting the above the fold attention it is receiving this morning.  Quite frankly as Edwards himself suggested last week, I thought the endorsement would be treated as irrelevant.  I think It shows a number of things:

1) Edwards is still a player, as his 7% or so in WV also suggests.

2) Edwards was the real populist in the race, as opposed to Clinton’s more recent and cynical and exploitive approach.  The endorsement won’t hurt with the white working class WV demographic that folks seem concerned about

3) Edwards new anti-poverty initiative announced on Tuesday now might well stand some chance of cutting thru some of the policy and bureaucratic thicket inside the beltway.  As part of an Obama Presidency, this initiative could bring about  21st century version of LBJ’s War on Poverty.

4) As for timing, couldn’t be shrewder political move than timing the endorsement speech to coincide with start of the nightly news cycle. Beautiful. cudos to Obama team. Shows that Obama’s team as smart as some suggest.

5) Replaced Clinton 40 point win as news headline.  This is telling for the following reason: the msm could have decided otherwise. Obviously, they have made the decision that the Hillary candidacy is finally old news. Time to move on.

I was an Edwards supporter and am really pleased to see how he and Obama moved down the chess board on this one.

Nice going!


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