Threading WV Results Thru Head of Needle

Watching the WV results, some observations:

1) no state has taken more abuse than West Virginia. We live in Maryland, and have driven through and visited parts of West Virginia. Quite beautiful actually. It was also a democratic state before ‘W” successfully appealed to the gun toting, pro-life and anti mining rights folks back in 2000.


The media is a) dwelling on the white non college educated, earning under 40k WVA voter, to the exclusion, for example of the state’s proud democratic past; and b) refusing to refer specifically to this as a “white trash” factor, but you know they want to since this is all they are (not) talking about.

But allude to it they are: 1) as the reason for Obama’s inability to connect with the WVA voter, and 2) as behind Clinton’s deliberate strategy to cultivate these voters against Obama (it wouldn’t work against McCain, another reason why she is stuck).

Terry McCauliffe is the exception. here he is saying the white, uneducated vote will win the general election for Hillary. Quite frankly, he might have been on to somethings if Hillary’s policy platform had been genuinely populist– like Edwards– instead of superficial and exploitive, a wedge issue.

Chris Matthews is sort of asking if he is serious. he swallows the smirk and says, yes, and by the way, she will win Kentucky next week. as west virginia goes, so goes the nation!!! is their rallying cry for the evening. So, MacAuliffe says she is in the race b/c she is gonna win. (Bah, even he is chuckling).

See my previous post: it just doesn’t matter.

2) As the talking heads this evening find a way to fill the airtime with a 2-1 Clinton win, they are giving Hillary one final bow, or next week.

3) They are comparing Hillary to Mike Huckabee’s remaning in the race against McCain, and suggesting his impact on McCain as hyped. Huckabee agrees.

4) Huckabee suggests Hillary hasn’t dropped out yet because the people around her havent told her to, yet.

5) Bill Richardson says, Obama’s weaknesses are being hyped. Obama has it won, c’mon Keith. Time to unite behind the nominee and go after McCain.

Finally, Hillary just spoke, and for her, it was an impressive evocation of her claim to be president. a good speech, well delivered. problem is, she is speaking from within a bubble; speaking a truth that is hers alone and that appears at odds with the facts, which suggest she needs over 90% of the remaining delegates. bust as she said, “i will never quit. I will never quit. never!


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