Could Ron Paul/ Bob Barr “do a Nader” on John McCain?

Back in 2000, I argued with relatives about Nader’s role in giving the election to George Bush. I always held that Gore ran a lousy campaign, which I thought was the reason– not Nader– for his loss. I also thought that folks who voted Nader in Florida, given the close contest there, made a bonehead choice. i have said previously that i voted nader in 2000, but from the comfort of my home in Massachusetts. Florida was different, and had I lived there, i would have voted Gore.


With all this said, were it not for Nader being on the Florida ballot, Al Gore would be completing his second term, and the world would be a much better place.

Fast forward to this November’s voting in Texas, a state from which Ron Paul is running unopposed for re-election. Ron Paul dislikes John McCain so much that he plans on using a good part of his remaining $5 million presidential war chest to mobilize his supporters into embarrassing McCain in Minneapolis this summer. Big Time! Not clear where Paul wants this to go, but he could easily stir some deep anti McCain sentiment. Could even be a more effective catalyst against the Republicans than Rush Limbaugh could ever be against Democrats in Denver. ’68 Chicago this summer in Minneapolis? Perhaps.

Consider too that Ron Paul might then direct his supporters to vote for Bob Barr, who just announced he will be the Libertarian candidate for President this fall. (Paul held this ballot position in the past).

Given Paul’s popularity in Texas, and the state’s guilt over being “W”s home, it is quite plausible that Paul and Barr could indeed give Texas to Obama over McBush.

Although McBush’s campaign already looks to be in greater disrepair than Gore’s back in 2000, the “Nader syndrome” could help spell the difference in a closely contested race in Texas.

for a terrific analysis of why Obama could well win Texas this year, see Optimo’s recent comments on this blog.

Regarding Ron Paul’s possible plans, please also see:

LATimes Blog on Ron Paul


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