Touching (on) McCain’s Bearings

When the media covered the story about McCain associating Obama with Hamas, the stories led with questions about ageism, rather than about the act of smearing Barack Obama.

Shortly after the story broke, the press then poked fun at the issue of McCain’s “bearings” by reporting that Joe Lieberman proudly said he personally checked McCain’s bearings and gave them something like an  A-OK.

Once again, the real issue (the press will allow McCain to make good on the lethal threat to make race the major issue in the fall campaign) was ignored, and unexamined.

The real issue here is several-fold but can be tied together under the theme of the media still being McCain’s base. Consider: McCain gets away with smearing Obama. By linking the words Hamas and Obama together in the same sentence, the media gives McCain a pass on negative politics, allowing him to tie Obama with terrorism and question his patriotism. Forget about the larger issue here that Hamas happens to be in control following a legitimate election and the US government should be talking to hamas not ignoring them. Next, consider McCain’s response, pretty smart actually, given his relationship with the press.

First, McCain framed Obama’s response as ageist. Obama’s comments about McCain having lost his bearings, actually have nothing necessarily to do with McCain’s chronological age, or diminished capacity. It appears that McCain has lost his bearings several times in the past, recently and in much younger days, like when he graduated 3rd from last at Annapolis, or when he has said he couldnt stand one more minute (down from one more day, one more hour…), at the Hanoi Hilton, or when he curried favor with Charles Keating, or with Vicki Iseman, or when he called his wife vile names or physically accosted other members of Congess. These are all examples of one having lost their bearings.

By placing all these questionable activities under the cover of ageism, however, McCain very cleverly (only with the Media’s assistance) attempts to push much of his past off the table, and the same time saying it is all fair game.

His sudden conversion to the politically correct terminology, invoking ageism, also has the quite deliberate intent of placing the Obama camp on notice that McCain will adhere to the code that ageism=racism. Thus any comment Obam makes, and that the media helps define as ageist, gives McCain’s camp cover to go racial on Obama.

In short, with the media’s permission, McCain, is about to launch some scorched earth shinanigans that makes Hillary look minor league.

Clearly John McCain has his wits about him, but clearly too, he lost his bearings a long time ago.


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