Changing Winds in Presidential Campaign

This week has brought the winds of change to the presidential campaign. The winds have successfully pushed the democratic race, which has been teetering on the brink of history for several weeks, back on track towards nominating the first African-American candidate for president.

Even Rush Limbaugh’s wind was not sufficient to keep the Clinton campaign on its track. Instead, the rats started jumping ship, seeking high priced book deals for tell-all insights into her doomed campaign. Money has long ago dried up, and now things verge on seeming downright pathetic where the only folks still willing to provide financial support is the candidate herself and her spouse.

Quite frankly, give the cues from Wolfson that he is writing a book, and from Terry McAauliffe that this thing won;t go until the convention, it appears quite evident that the Clinton Campaign realizes full well it is in its last throes and is merely shredding some last minute paper to stop some of the paper trail to follow the post mortem analysis.

A tipping point has been reached on the Republican side side as well. It appears the free ride given the straight talk express is about to come to an end. The blogosphere has successfully and forcefully raised sufficient doubt about McCain that Republicans at the RNC and on the Hill are beginning to panic; talking head Russert has admitted that McCain’s day of reckoning with the press will come; McCain’s wife and sugar mama is making herself fair game with comments about not releasing her tax returns under any circumstances and that her husband shall run a high road campaign while already running ads comparing Obama to Hamas.

If folks keep perspective here, and recognize that McCain still lost about a quarter of the Republican vote in recent primaries even without opposition; that democrats now have functioning state organizations in nearly every state; benefit from an incredible increase in voter registration, and financial support, as well as the tout de grace: McCain is running to be the successor to the worst and most upopular president in history, then perhaps it is appropriate, if only for a moment to sigh in some well deserved relief, a smile even.   Perhaps this democratic contest has helped more than it has harmed afterall.

The proof is still to come, if progressive democrats were to take the presidency, senate and house, as well as be in a position to help restore integrity to a federal judiciary that has long ago turned into a republican right wing patronage machine.  wouldn’t it be nice?


One response to “Changing Winds in Presidential Campaign

  1. Two quick reactions:

    1) This is as good as it gets for McCain. Any doubts about Obama’s electability will be overshadowed by McSame’s massive “truthiness” problem.

    2) Worried about Florida and Ohio? Think about it this way….Those two states have almost exactly the same amount of electoral votes as Texas, Colorado and Nevada. Pretty consistent red states over the past generation. Obama has a serious chance of winning all three. So it’s not like the GOP base states are anywhere close to secure.

    This election will be all about demographics and organizing. My bold prediction: there are a few states, big (Texas) and small (Nebraska, Montana et al), that are gonna surprise everybody. Oh, and Obama’s gonna get creamed in Florida.

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