Obama-Kaine in ’08?

With a substantial win in North Carolina–14 points–, and a near win in Indiana, there is no longer reason for Clinton to continue her fight for the nomination.

So, the next question is who would help Obama beat John McCain? the answer is Va. Governor Tim Kaine, born in Minnesota.

Kaine is popular in his state and can help Obama win Virginia and other border states. He is an early Obama supporter, perhaps one the the first politicos outside Ilinois to endorse Obama. The alternative is former guv mark warner, whom i know more about and was impressive in his flirtation with a presidential run way back last year.

what do you think? let me know.


4 responses to “Obama-Kaine in ’08?

  1. Maybe. Kaine is definitely one of the top choices. But I don’t think he’ll be the guy, for one simple reason: Experience.

    Kaine isn’t any more seasoned than Obama, and has even less experience with foreign affairs. Obama’s running mate should address this major concern.

    2) Party unity.


    The big question mark about Obama is his

  2. um, forget about that last section…..I forgot to scroll down to double check before posting.

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  4. I’m not entirely giving up on Indiana… Lake county will bring a miracle! 🙂

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