Clinton’s Exit Strategy Choices after North Carolina

This morning, the question is no longer if obama wins the nomination, but when. History was made last night, and North Carolina voters will go down in the record books as the ones who finally moved the country into a new day.

In large part the final decision of when is up to Hillary Clinton, and the history books will take notice of how she leaves the stage. She can leave gracefully, quietly, or kicking and screaming. But she knows she will leave.  Her speech last night was mostly gracious.

Back in college, I had a friend dying of cancer, who, in her final days, was physically restrained in her bed. I admired the crazy old bird’s sheer will to live. But a political campaign is a different matter. Nothing much to admire here,–pretentious to equate a campaign’s life force with that of a human being. In a campaign, all the cudos go to the candidate who gracefully leaves the door ajar for some anticipated return. The other exit is pretty much one way.

Rachel Maddow suggests Hillary will choose the crazy old bird exit strategy.  I hope Maddow is wrong on this one.

As Rahm Emanuel suggested this morning on NPR, how the loser loses (now) will determine whether the winner wins (in November).  I take this to mean that a crazy old bird strategy now might well elect McBush in November. 


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