How Barack Wins: the Fonzie Syndrome

Like Fonzie from “Happy Days,” Barack Obama is cool, loved and respected, and crowds go crazy when he enters the room.  But the thing about “the Fonz” is nobody messed with him, and at the moment everyone it seems is messing with Barack.

It’s not that Fonzie is a fighter. Actually, like Barack, he disdains fighting. Like Barack he brushes threats off his shoulders, to the crowds’ delight.  But here’s the thing.  The Fonz’ magic exists because at one point (in the past) he really clocked a guy. big time.  and since then the myth of a peaceful–new politics– fonz took hold.

Here’s the lesson for Barack. Just once, he really needs to clock his opponent.  Big time. Just once.   and then perhaps, folks won’t question his toughness, bona fides, cojones, and so forth.  Just once. 



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