As Guam Goes… another missed opportunity

Chalk one up for the Mariana Islands. they just gave obama another victory in his race to Denver.  As slim as Obama’s victory may be, with likely final outcome splitting the delegates 2:2 (8 delegates get 1/2 vote at convention) between obama and clinton, Guam must be added to the growing list of obama victories.

Also, chalk one up for the corporate media, which managed to ignore several relevant issues for the candidates regarding the Mariana’s.
It is regrettable that the news coverage this past week focused on jeremiah wright, testicular fortitude and the super delegate horse race to the exclusion of more substantive issues.  Once again, nothing trumped something in the msm.

Woulda been nice had the media covered real issues such as the fact that the mariana’s have perhaps the worst labor rights situations in the hemisphere.  i would have like to have heard barack, hillary and john speak to this. 

… about the abundance of sweat shops, the sex slave trade and so forth.

Once again the mainstream media dropped the ball.  and if they wanted to add some sex appeal– for ratings– they could have helped frame the debate around political corruption in Washington– Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and Bob Schaffer–  as it applies to the Marianas. Or they could have focused more extensively on the Mariana’s horrible immigration policy, supported by Rep. Schaffer.

nothing. nada.

These issues all would have been fair game and would have forced the candidates to discuss things about which they have yet to devote much time.

In short, it would have been informative interesting, important even.

Instead, we were treated to a lot of nothing.

once again, GE, News Corp. and Disney 1. the people 0.




3 responses to “As Guam Goes… another missed opportunity

  1. hmmm…. why can’t Hillary carry the Guam vote? Clearly, another nail in her coffin (if there’s space).

    What will be her spin — are Guamians misogynst, or just prejudiced against Bubbas?

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