Democrats out-foxing selves on Fox “News”

When a propaganda machine does little but spew misinformation about the political and social worlds, it poses a danger to democratic thinking. If democracy is something that is important to you, it makes sense that you would shun this propaganda machine or try to discredit it.

Other than Rush Limbaugh, there is probably no vestige of the far right propaganda machine as effective as Fox News. Since Fox gives very little information other than propaganda– white house and RNC talking points– it is vexing to see Obama, Clinton and now Howard Dean go on Fox Noise, and play it straight, pretending it is a real news show. They have either drank the coolaid or are patronizing the Fox viewership. either way, they are ignoring their own netroots, and it is a waste of time.

From Rupert Murdoch and News Corps to Roger Ailes, no other television network has done more damage to the news business than Fox, by framing far right ideas as “fair and balanced.” It was the propaganda machine for newt gingrich during the mid 90s and for richard mellon scaife and the clinton impeachment during the latter 90s, and has trumpeted only the pentagon view on Iraq.

Now that the Bush dynasty finally appears to be on its last legs, and the democratic opposition is in a position of strength, common sense suggests it finally ought to be exposing Fox for the propaganda machine it is. That’s why the Clinton, Obama ad Dean appearances are so confounding. John Edwards sensed this a year ago and led the democratic candidate boycott of the network. with him out of the race, and with clinton and obama kicking and clawing to the nomination, the democrats have lost their focus on the network that wants nothing more than to diminish their credibility in the eyes of its viewers.

To paraphrase a golden oldie Fox fav: “just say no to Fox”


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