Hillary Clinton is like my Cat

Our cat is 16 years old. He has had miraculous recoveries from more near death experiences than I can count, and by now has got to be on the 9th of his 9 lives.

Not long ago,

The cat had thyroid problems, lost half its body weight, received radiation treatments, and was on a death watch. He survived and has gained back most of his body weight.

A few months later, the cat had a smell of death about it. The vet told us he was dying of cancer and recommended we put him to sleep. we came within a couple hours of doing so, and then told the vet to let the cat hang on over the weekend so we could say our family good-byes. by time monday came around, the cat had responded to the antibiotics (a misdiagnosis. it was an ear infection), and came home.

Now the cat is spryly (for a 16 year old) jumping on the counter tops and peeing on the basement floor. In fact, his piss is so powerful that we can’t get the smell to go away, and now we cannot sell our house. Over the weekend a prospective buyer came back to the house three times, was taking measurements for her own furniture, and by all counts seemed ready to make an offer, and then at the last minute, backed out because of the smell in a small spot next to the furnace. The buyer thought her own cat would respond poorly to the smell and didn’t want her own cat to pee in the same spot, and so she went elsewhere.

sound familiar?

hillary has come back from the dead several times now, and each time, she continues to pee on the floor, leaving a stench that is going to force voters to go elsewhere.

key: Hillary=coco the cat; the prospective buyer=voters this november; cat piss= scorched earth


2 responses to “Hillary Clinton is like my Cat

  1. Hey, that’s my cat you’re talkin’ ’bout.

    Ok, I know, I know, we love him & (s)he’s past his prime. And so what’s the parallel with the new house?

  2. Knowing Coco as well as I do, you gave Hillary a big, big compliment.

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