If Hillary Doesn’t Win, Nobody Will

The media is reporting a growing tension within the democratic party that has the potential to destroy chances to stop the McBush dynasty in November.

The tension pits Obama’s “new politics” against Clinton’s search and destroy politics.

Cable and the blogosphere are reporting this evening that members of Congress–rep. james clyburn (dem. whip)– are suggesting that clinton believes she cannot win the nomination, and yet the campaign is doing everything it can to make sure Obama does not win the election in November, thus, the thinking goes, enhancing her chances in 2012.

The news here is that the press is finally naming an obvious strategy which has been apparent to many for several weeks. But once named, the good news is that perhaps superdelegates and others will now inform her that if this continues, she will never get their votes, not now, nor in 2012.

Obama refuses to return fire, a deliberate strategy that goes to his “new politics,” which, he says, endeavors to raise the dialogue above personal destruction.  This approach is designed to use his opponent’s weight against her. He seems to be banking on the possibility that Hillary’s scorched earth will envelope her own campaign.  

This strategy banks on the inherent decency and intelligence of the voter and on a media that will forego the food fight for the cspan-like dialogue.  Risky indeed.



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