The Morning After Hillary…

Is there a morning after pill for what Hillary just did to the democratic party?  Something for the body politic to ingest this wed after yet another wild night in which the democratic party lost its head in a world of hurt, perhaps even leading to another unwanted presidency nine months from now?

Commentators at FOX and MSN are leading the Hillary chant: “why can’t obama close the deal?”
The real question is why self-hating democratic voters can’t close the deal on an attractive, incredibly intelligent candidate that appeals to our better angels.

Once again, fear, intolerance, and kidney punching one liners are winning out over reasoned political discourse. and of course the kidney punchers have a response: the better angels are elitists because they refuse to kidney punch.

Well, the unwanted consequence of this punch drunk minority in the democratic party is that they are going to help elect George W McBush for a third term.


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