What if Patty Hearst Supports Hillary Clinton?

I’m not saying she does, because I do not know, but what if Patty Hearst supported Hillary Clinton. Would make sense because Bill gave her a full pardon, sort of out of the blue, before he left office.  Might it have been that Bill was a Jon Waters fan and like Patty in Serial Mom? or perhaps Bill is a dog lover and likes that Patty Hearst now breeds dogs.  Or, might it be because Bill is a sympathizer of the SLA– the Symbionese Liberation Army back in 1974.  The SLA tried to feed the poor afterall. in fact that is why they said they abducted patty Hearst, to get her dad– media mogul and son of William Randolf Hearst (aka Citizen Kane) to give free food to the poor.

On second thought does it really matter if Patty Hearst supports Hillary Clinton (she might!). or the real reasons why Bill slipped her a pardon?

I think not. But I do think she is way more important a cultural figure than Bill Ayers.



2 responses to “What if Patty Hearst Supports Hillary Clinton?

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  2. Thought you and your readers might be interested in some of the alternative historical information about the Hearst media conglomerate and the 1974 Patty Hearst Incident that’s posted on the following blog link, since one of the Obama campaign’s most prominent supporters, Billionaire Oprah Winfrey, is apparently a business partner of the Hearst media conglomerate in 2008:


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