Time for Howard Dean to Act

Back in February, Howard Dean said that the nomination would be wrapped up by mid March or April. Well here we are, and if Tuesday’s primary results give Hillary 2 victories, even slim ones, she stands ready to continue all the way to the credentials fight at the convention in August.  

Dean can watch, raise his rhetoric and make idle threats, promises and predications about resolving the matter, or, he can start resolving it. 


Dean has no real power over the nominating process at this point.  All he has is a bully pulpit, and even that influence is limited.  he has no power to force Barack or Hillary out of the race.  If he pushes too hard, he would just end up looking frivolous.

Here’s what he can do.

Convene the super delegates to a mini-convention.  The idea is being bandied about and it’s a good one. At of today, 248 super delegates remain uncommitted. A mini-conference would help reframe the contest and help the democratic party to begin consolidating their anti-McCain message.


It is likely to resolve the nomination.

It is likely to shift the narrative from disunity to unity

Since the Republican convention is likely to be a bore, with little suspense, the Democrats would take control over the media message machine by staking claim to a suspenseful early summer, to resolve the contest, and late summer to launch their historic bid for the presidency.

it is a no-lose.

Finally, since most of the super delegates are politicos, (and media whores), they are likely to eat up this additional limelight.


Illinois: the Land of Lincoln and the home to both Barack and Hillary? or some nice hilltop somewhere.



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