Philadelphia Debate (Part 1, early slog)

Hey, it is late in the primary season and the Pennsylvania primary polls are stagnant. So, the first half hour of the debate covered explosive wedge issues– absurd– but still seemed surprisingly low energy, stilted, tired, even understated–sort of bizarre. all in all, a sign that this campaign has dragged on too long. Seems during the first part at least, nothing much new is being said.

Issues covered thus far: Barack’s bitterness statement; Jeremiah Wright and even his patriotism and wearing a flag pin; the Weather Underground; Hillary’s Bosnia dodge, and her general lack of credibility. The moderators– charlie gibson and george stephanopolous are trying to provoke a fight but the candidates are not taking the bait; to their credit, but it is boring and both candidates seem phlegmatic during the early slog.

The difference: Obama is repeatedly saying these issues are silly tabloid distractions that demean the debate, campaign and america, while Hillary likes these matters are being raised and suggests these matters should be examined more deeply. sigh.

The debate might shift, but the tone seems set.


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