Hillary’s “Bitter” Outrage and the question of Entitlement

Hillary is outraged at Barack’s “bitter” comments because she thinks she is the only one entitled to feel embittered this spring 2008. What does she have to feel bitter about? her democratic base has abandoned her. how does entitlement fit in? She feels entitled not only to the presidency but to the feeling of bitterness itself. Her sense of entitlement to bitterness leaves her unable to feel any empathy for other people who may feel bitter about the economic recession, war in Iraq or the gross abuses of power coming out of the executive branch.

This is an issue of entitlement not bitterness. I wish the press would expose such patterns of Clintonian entitlement.


2 responses to “Hillary’s “Bitter” Outrage and the question of Entitlement

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  2. Amen. And of course when it is pointed out that the Clintons are not inherently entitled to anything, especially the presidency, they are quite predictable in trying to play the “victim” card. Remember in December when Barack and Edwards attacked Hillary’s past support for NAFTA, she made a big stink how they were ganging up on the poor defenseless girl.

    Hypocrisy at its worst. Which is precisely why the press doesn’t expose it; they just fundamentally don’t understand the concept.

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