Bush hints at McCain October Surprise War

When McCain went to the White House after locking up the nomination, I wondered what if anything he and W talked about.  Today, while listening to a tape of Bush’s speech, the topic of their conversation became clear to me.  I heard chuckles of an October surprise against Iran that would be designed for McCain’s electoral benefit, of course. A blood brother gift from one neocon to another.   I heard it in the new rationale rationale for remaining in Iraq, namely to hold Iran in check.  (as well as in his suspension of troop reduction and request for an additional $108 billion).  Loud and clear: The enemy is no longer al-quaeda; it’s Tehran.

Since this war long ago turned into a political disaster for Bush, why would McCain follow suit as he has,  insisting that Iraq remain his top-gun issue–against the wishes of 70% of the voting public– if it weren’t for some rose garden deal?  Consider that  Bush 41’s poll ratings went through the roof for several months following the ’91 Iraq war, before he went on to lose the ’92 election.   Fear of papa Bush is why Mario Cuomo and others didn’t run, leaving Bill in a lackluster field.  41’s re-election was a certainty, that is, if only the election were held closer to the time US bombs hit their targets in Baghdad.  A lesson not to be forgotten.   Again, the surprise.   Bombing strikes against Iran in the weeks before the election would likely invoke enuf fear as to ensconce McCain in the presidency.   “W” doesn’t have his dad’s brains, but he does have more crass political brawn.   Would also likely give both W and III a hearty chuckle– which they both enjoy– at the country’s expense.  

and finally, it will be interesting to see whether McCain’s media chums will give Bush a pass on this next war, just for their guy McCain.






One response to “Bush hints at McCain October Surprise War

  1. makes sense to me!?!? Good insight!

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