Hillary’s Poor Judgment and Mark Penn’s Demotion

Mark Penn is down, but not out.  Once again, Hillary Clinton has shown poor judgment, this time demoting but not firing Mark Penn and not issuing an explanation for the change in his status.  This is a guy who is actively conducting business at odds with her stated policy positions on free trade and even Blackwater.

Sure, we sorta know why he is leaving his chief strategist position, but no notice from the Clinton campaign. why not? Seems by resigning, he may well shield Hillary from having to answer more messy questions, such as why he is leaving, what he did to warrant his departure, and what she knew about his trip to Colombia to advocate for free trade. 

In the meantime, President Bush announced today he is submitting the free trade for Colombia package to Congress for it to act on within 90 days.  Again, the timing beckons questions.

Further signs of poor judgment. Penn remains the Clinton campaign’s high paid pollster, which means he shall continue to (mis)inform the campaign, is participating in staff meetings and briefings of the press, and should she win (slim to none), he could easily be dusted off and given a title and corner office in the White House to continue his rove-like influence over Hillary and the media. Chances are, tho that his continuing poor advice will keep Clinton in the race til she leaves no earth unscorched.

Mark Penn was been with Hillary since she entered politics 9 years ago (not the 35 years as some imagine, and is a long time friend of Bill.   She is not likely to sever her ties to a loyola FOB, and who has deep pockets like Mark Penn.   Once the campaign is over, tho, perhaps she will reflect upon the methods and substance of his poor advice and re-calibrate what could well still be a substantial senate career. 




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