Hillary, Mark Penn and Free Trade with Colombia

Mark Penn apologized yesterday for going to Colombia in his role as chief executive of the consulting firm Burson-Marsteller. Funny that the Colombian ambassador didn’t know whether Penn came off the plane wearing his consultant or his Hillary Clinton hat. Today, Politico announced that the White House just sent notice to Nancy Pelosi that it wants her to quickly consider its Colombian free trade package. coincidence in timing i suppose, but funny that Penn who works for Hillary seems to be speaking for W. Question, Might it be that Hillary agrees with W and this was the real point of the Penn meeting?

Hillary has said she opposes Free Trade with Colombia, but her credibility on free trade is questionable. She says she opposed NAFTA before she supported it, and then opposed it again. n the mean while in 2007, Uribe gave Bill Colombia its “Colombia is Passion” award. My point here is that Brand Clinton has a fondness for free trade and for Uribe in Colombia.

As out of control and chaotic as Hillary’s campaign might seem, it sure is difficult to believe her chief strategist told her he was off, lets say to the bathroom only to return some time later from Colombia. Doesn’t it stand to reason she had to have known of his destination and must have consented to it. If she has no control over her chief strategist, how might she claim to control the military as commander in chief?

Since Penn admitted on friday he went “off message,” but didnt say why, Clinton needs to explain why she doesn’t remove, denounce and reject him. How else to maintain credibility over her own campaign?

Only way this makes sense is to assume that Hillary and not Penn is the misleader here, and the message I take is that Clinton– if ever elected– would support fre trade with colombia. This is the message I take from this latest Clinton charade.


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