Seeking a moral compass in the Clinton/ McCain Campaigns

Bill and Hillary have been on a jaunt about the similarities between Hillary and John McCain, and how given such similarities the fall campaign would be a civil affair. Hardly. The most striking similarity is the obsession each candidate has with making things up, about their positions, backgrounds and experiences. Neither candidate has a firm grasp on the truth, and in the fictional world of these candidates, anything goes.

 While McCain fabricates the absence of lobbyists his own campaign, and repeatedly misstates Iran’s relationship with Al-Quaeda, Hillary repeatedly fabricates the gunfire she dodged in Bosnia.  As Frank Rich suggests today, Hillary’s “Bosnia moment” pulls together in a single story, years of doubts that Americans– supporters and opponents– have had about the Clintons since ’92.  Bill and Hillary have done some good things, but they have never had much affinity for the truth.

The more salient concern here is that Both Clinton and McCain act as if they feel some higher power is involved with their quests to become president.  As divinely chosen aspirant, they no longer feel constrained by such trivialities as legal process or conscience.   Their campaigns are ends-oriented, as opposed to means- oriented, which suggests once again that almost anything goes. Misleading statements, lies, half truths, and so forth.  This is the similarity that Bill and Hillary have been alluding to.  

In the absence of either candidate having a firm hold on a well functioning moral campus, the fall campaign would prove fun for the media to cover but would further damage our increasingly fragile democracy, and it would hardly be civil. 


2 responses to “Seeking a moral compass in the Clinton/ McCain Campaigns

  1. You give several good reasons for me to support Obama; oh, I already am!

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