Prediction for Hillary’s Demise

My prediction for Clinton leaving the race is the following: 1) she wins Pennsylvania by less than 10 points; 2) she loses NC big and Indiana narrowly; 3) calls for her to drop out get louder; 4) Hillary goes on til Puerto Rico (June 1) but is taken less seriously and is increasingly ignored by the press. 5) she drops out the day after losing the Puerto Rico primary, on June 2.  Press is the oxygen she breathes to survive. Without it, good or bad, her candidacy dies.    Post comments AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  


4 responses to “Prediction for Hillary’s Demise

  1. The Hildabeast will not die that easy. She is gonna blackmail, bribe, and cajole every super-delegate to offset here primary losses. If that does not work, she will murder Obama. She has had many killed before, only this one will be a tad more high profile.

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  3. huntingdonpost

    I think it’s the wrong conversation, but the media has started it. They are in a hurry for the results, but why are we? Why not let the people decide? Is the person in PA or NC or IN or PR each progressively worth less as a voter than a person in MA, CT, IO, NH, etc.? I am a Democrat who wants to know what the party has decided individual by individual. I don’t want to be pushed around by the media. It’s true that I am a Clinton supporter, but my state has already gone for Obama, and all but three superdelegates have endorsed him. If we keep letting the media call for parties to have a candidate, then, like the RNC, we’ll have no contest, and that is not democratic. As much as I disliked and feared Mike Huckabee, it is sad to see McCain uncontested. That’s not the way a democratic-republic ought to work.

  4. I think the democratic party is ready to throw its full support behind Barack Obama and I think the party has been ready to do that since Obama’s won 12 primaries in a roll. I think the majority of Superdelegates are behind Obama and wishes to pledge, but that the Clintons are so powerful that the majority of them do now want to go out on the limb for fear of pissing off Bill and Hillary. There have been a brave few to have come out and either given their full support to Obama from a neutral stance, to those who decided to jump from Clinton to Obama. Therefore, I believe that if Obama pulls the upset and win PA (and he could do it since Bob Casey endorsement), and he wins NC and IN, then even the Clintons will see the writing on the wall themselves and realize that this is a once in a generation, heck in a lifetime candidate. And you know the funny thing is that Hillary is not a bad choice, she just isn’t the BEST choice. So HC is out after PA, IN and NC.

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