Casey Endorsement a Pa. Sleeper for Obama

Bob Casey’s endorsement on Barack Obama is likely to have a surprisingly positive effect on Obama’s candidacy come primary day in Pennsylvania, April 22.   During his 1+ year in the US Senate Bob Casey has put forward solid liberal voting credentials (100% ADA rating), while continuing to appeal to the state’s cultural conservatives.   Casey easily defeated Rick Santorum, the Senate’s third ranking Republican in a low key senate campaign that seemed hardly to break a sweat. With Casey’s low key approach to accompany his own in an advertising barrage about to his the PA media markets,  Obama is likely to cut (perhaps substantially) into Clinton’s 12 point lead for several reasons. First, the Rendell/Nutter effect, which has been substantial for Hillary, has already played itself out.  Its effects are evident in the polls which had Clinton in front by more than 15% and now holding somewhat steady at about 12%.   But, second, the voters are bored and desire to shake things up.  Casey’s endorsement comes at a time, according to Politico, when Pa. voters are feeling neglected.   The muck of the Clinton campaign is wearing thin. Translation: the voters are still looking. Clinton has not locked it up.   Third,  while Obama is sounding increasingly presidential since his “race speech” in Philly, and in subsequent speeches on iraq, foreign policy and the economy, Clinton sounds increasingly desparate.  The kitchen sink strategy didn’t knock out Obama; only made him stronger (vetted even).   And finally, the voters of Pa. are coming to realize that even with a Clinton victory in their state, she remains extremely unlikely to get the nomination.  For these reasons, Obama is likely to come well within 10 points come primary day.  Might even win it.  Regardless, he will then win in NC and Indiana on May 6, and then she’s out for sure, hopefully.


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  2. “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

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