How to Impeach the Media for the War in Iraq

This week’s Frontline about Bush’s five year war synthesized an amazing amount of information into the documentary’s simple theme: the President of the United States repeatedly betrayed his oath of office through lies, deception, trickery, and utter lack of curiosity.  

The only two presidents to have been impeached faced removal charges that were far less severe than the treasonous charges that could be filed and supported against Bush.  This was a coup by the neo-cons.  It could only occur with the active complicity of corporate media.  Plain and simple.  The corporate media, in this saga personified in Judith Miller, were fatally seduced by power, (even more on point, corporate interests aligned with neocon interests) and in the process failed to investigate the many false claims behind the war.    

The real danger is not only that Bush Co. got away with the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, 4,000 US soldiers and over 1,000 private mercenaries and quite possibly never will be held to account, but that the media is winking and nodding the country into repeated versions of this wicked tragedy.  The media’s active complicity in enhancing the McCain candidacy is dangerous, even though it is being portrayed by the likes of Chris Matthews and Tim Russert as some freakish fraternity prank. (“Hey, we’re your constituency. Do with us what you will.”)  McCain (Bush III) is serious about deceiving, lying and whatever else it might take to get the country to go along with his plans for a 100-year war.  The media seem as open to an open ended McCain war as they were ready for the writers’ strike.  Bring it on! Reality shows bring higher ratings with fewer production costs. A win-win.  The danger of course is that McCain is likely to get an even bigger pass from the media than Bush 43.  

A McCain administration won’t have to learn how to seduce the media. The media is already seduced.  Just look at how the media handled McCain’s  “100 years in Iraq” comment, and better yet, his latest “McCain moment.”      According to Chuck Todd, one of the few trusted MSN talking heads, McCain’s lie that Iran is “taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back,” is being shrugged off by reporters as a “McCain moment,” (itself a disqualifier to be commander in chief, no?).  So what that McCain repeated it 4 or 5 times over several days.  More like turrets syndrome than a senior moment.  

According to Todd,“[T]his was not a one-time slip and so, you know, this just shows you how much bank — how much of the foreign policy experience stuff he’s got in the bank, because had [Sen. Hillary] Clinton or [Sen. Barack] Obama done something like this, this would have been played on a loop, over and over, and would have absolutely hurt them politically.”     How to explain it?      

The better question is what to do about it.       Suggestions:  Democratize and impeach the Media!  1) Turn to the net roots; 2) apply pressure on the FCC to remove licenses from local affiliates whose news programs deliberately replace the news with imperial propaganda.  3) Boycott network and cable programming that advance such propaganda; 4) get your legislators to oppose further concentration of media ownership.     In the absence of an independent media, democracies fail.  Our democracy is on the brink.   In this election year, the media should be scrutinized far more closely than it scrutinized the War and is currently scrutinizing John McCain.  For instance.  Wanna get involved NOW?   See below from 

This Thursday (March 27th) at noon, we’ll be joining to hand deliver 200,000 petition signatures to ABC studios in Washington D.C. It’s high time they focus on substantive issues in this election, and put a stop to FOX’s smears seeping into the mainstream press. Can you help us?

    WHAT: Petition Delivery to ABC Studios

    WHERE: ABC News studios, 1717 DeSales Street, NW (the small street between Connecticut Avenue and 17th Street-just north of L Street, 1 block north of the Farragut North metro)

    WHEN: 12:00 p.m.

    RSVP: Click here: 

Though we plan to deliver the petition to NBC, CBS, and CNN, our ABC delivery is the main event in Washington, D.C. With your help, we can get the networks to listen! Please join us.



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