Hillary’s Choice

Hopefully, when the primaries are a thing of the past, the Obama campaign will look at his closest opponent and thank Hillary Clinton for being a worthy sparring partner. Like a good sparring partner, Clinton has helped Obama brush up on some weaknesses while also burnishing his strengths. Clinton tagged Obama for his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, and he responded with one of the most profoundly optimistic and realistic speeches about race that the country has seen in a very long time.  If it weren’t for Clinton’s unruly tactics making Reverand Wright into a hot button issue, the Obama campaign would not have responded with “The Speech,” which the candidate wrote himself. Hey, even JFK had Sorensen.     But at some point, sparring partners need to know when to get out of the ring.  It is time. Clinton is behind by 700,000+ in the popular vote, and even her advisors concede she cannot catch Obama with pledged delegates.  Her only hope was to combine huge wins in Pennsylvania and re-votes in Florida and Michigan.  No more.     Now that the re-votes are no longer being considered, Clinton’s only hope is for Obama to self immolate, which is not a likely scenario.  O yea, and her campaign is also in debt.In the meantime, she has a choice.  She can continue to scorch the earth not only under Obama but under all democrats, or she can turn her energy towards Bush and McCain.  We would all thank her for scorching their earth, not ours.


2 responses to “Hillary’s Choice

  1. Leon A. Walker

    Thank God she’s finally dead meat! I think Richardson may have stuck the fork in her yesterday. The below comment from earlier this month may be enjoyable reading for you.

    Leon A. Walker
    Freelance Writer
    Pensacola, Florida

    March 11, 2008

    “Clintons Show True Colors”

    Senator Hillary Clinton has recently begun to employ shocking tactics in her quest for the Democratic Party nomination for President. The dynamics of American politics may be viewed from various perspectives and understandably so. Still, I am perplexed by the apparent decision by Senator Clinton and her campaign affiliates to both overtly and subtly conjure up negative images of fear aimed at her opponent. This is particularly troubling as these negative images are tied to race and religion.

    I have been a staunch supporter of both the former President and Senator Clinton for nearly two decades. I was among those who laughed and in general terms understood when Chris Rock proclaimed Bill Clinton, “The First Black President”. I sought to believe that they, “the Clintons” were not only sympathetic to the struggles of working class Americans but particularly African Americans. For me, they created a real vision of figures in America’s seat of power who finally, were sincerely concerned for the welfare of all Americans. And through it all, the scandals and innuendo and yes, political missteps, I provided the “Clintons” with unwavering support and sincere appreciation. Appreciation for what I now believe was the gift of a myth, that has now become my worst nightmare.

    As I reflect on the comments and antics of the Clintons in the past several weeks I am not only appalled but also tremendously saddened. I am gripped in a sadness that is rooted in betrayal. There is no need to highlight the specific comments and actions that are the source of my angst as they have been well covered by nearly every media vehicle. The point is that it has now become apparent that the whole of the Clinton mystique was a fraud.

    I don’t fault Senator Clinton of the former President for wanting to win this contest or for their “never say die” mentality. I can even understand that while now poised for loss, their campaign is groping for any tactic which may provide another day’s life in this fight. I am troubled however, by the potential damage that they are seemingly willing to inflict on the Democratic Party; but that is not the basis of this writing. This is a statement of incitement regarding questionable ethics, disrespect and trust violated. The trust of a long time constituent, who as it turns out, was deftly manipulated and apparently used.

    As best I can recall it was Shaquille O’Neal who coined the phrase “Don’t Fake The Funk”. Senator Clinton and the former President along with their powerful and vicious campaign are attempting to ignore me. To throw me under the bus along with many other long time supporters. Why? Because they don’t need me or significant numbers of African Americans, to get there hands on the nomination they seek. Because all along, they were faking the funk! They need poor, uneducated Americans who can be manipulated and fed images of fear and racism to erase their reality of despair, if only for a brief time. For me to imagine, that any politician, but particularly the Clintons would orchestrate such a despicable, theatrical and twisted tragedy is absolutely stunning.

    So our “First Black President” and “First Black First Lady” ain’t so Black after all. It appears that when they need to be, when they feel they have to be, they are so White they make J.C. Watts look like “Fifty Cent”. They are opportunists. They are the quintessential cogs in the traditional Washington political wheel who will manipulate, haunt, bully and fear monger should that be required to secure a selfish prize. They are “more of the same”.

    I will not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton should she gain the nomination she so ruthlessly seeks! Further, I will avoid as best I can, ever speaking her name again. And finally, I recognize that I am not perfect. Heaven forbid I should ever be emotionally reduced to leveling an insult at another Black person for ethnic confusion. But if I do, I will not refer to them as a “Tom” but rather a “Clinton”.

    L. A. Walker

    © Leon A. Walker, March 2008

  2. After reading Leon Walker’s statement and several others, also knowing myself, the Clintons are doing so much damage to themselves that any goodwill or fond memories we may have had about the Clintons years are being wiped out. They do come off as fakes. When James Carville lashed out at Bill Richardson and called him Judas, it was apparently that Carville did not listen to Obama’s speech about race. Bill Richardson was MOVED and that is what Sen. OBama does to people, he moves people. He gets people off the sidelines. You can make the decision off not supporting anyone and be steadfast in your decision until someone comes along and drastically changes your mind. Obama didn’t require Bill Richardson to promise him anything (unlike the Clintons), Obama only ask people to vote their concious. The Clintons wish you to be loyal to them no matter how flat, uninspiring or downright bitter their message is. Sen Obama wants to stay on message and the Clintons wants to turn it into an issue on character. I am going on record and saying that the only way the Clintons can win is to stay on message, because if it comes to a debate on character, then the Sen. Obama wins that in a landslide. I am 100% disappointed in the behavior of Sen Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. They are acting like republicans.

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