Obama shows executive skills in Texas

If Obama wins more delegates than Clinton in Texas, then he deserves the nomination. Not so much because she lost yet another state and the delegate count is slipping from grasp, but rather because of the disciplined nature of his campaign organization. Unlike the Clinton campaign, the Obama campaign was so well organized in nearly every precinct as to strategically shepherd folks back to the caucus following the primary. If it is true that the Clinton campaign was still hunting for precinct captains in Texas as late as last week, then Obama wins points for his executive prowess.

According to bravenewfilms.org, Marc Andreeson, founder of netscape, talks about some time he spent with Obama over a year ago. Obama told him to assess his executive abilities by examining his campaign. check out this post. The Texas campaign seems to bear him out.


2 responses to “Obama shows executive skills in Texas

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  2. Yeah, Obama’s efficient ground operation shows he is very capable of delegating power effectively. He’s running the right kind of campaign and that’s probably why he’ll win at the end of the day.

    To add to that, I actually think it’s good that Clinton is staying in and fighting somewhat dirty, because we’re about to see how Obama handles a different kind of executive skill: projecting an image while under adversity. If he can parry Clinton’s next flurry of personal attacks and bolster his “new kind of politics” message (I believe the two go together), he will probably win by a landslide in November. If he can’t…it’s better we know that now and adjust accordingly.

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