Hesitating on the Brink of History

On the day of the Texas and Ohio primaries, America stands on the cusp of making Obama the presumptive nominee, and is hesitating.

Why the hesitation? Could be a resurgence of Clinton’s human face and sense of humor, signified by a successful cameo on SNL; or of Hillary’s “politics of fear,” as she assumes the LBJ stature she has longed for all campaign by casting Obama as a bomb loving Barry Goldwater in her version of LBJ’s 1964 Daisy Girl commercial, which shows sleeping babies and a “red phone” alert.

Or perhaps, Clinton has caught the Obama campaign in some good old fashioned hypocrisy over NAFTA that wouldn’t register if transparency weren’t the Obama calling card. Apparently, someone in Obama’s campaign contacted a Canadian official (what a boneheaded move), to assure Canada that Barack’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric was all hat and no cattle.

And perhaps it is something else.

Whatever the reason for hesitation–a moment of high tension atop the polls showing Obama and Clinton deadheats in both Texas and Ohio (give or take)– perhaps a collective exhale would propel the Obama rocket through the remainder of its journey, or blow away the fantasy that perhaps was never real.


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