Potomac Primary Makes Clinton Toast?

Here in Baltimore, you’d think Obama had already won the nomination. On Monday, about 11,000 people cut school and cut out of work to see Obama at the First Mariner Arena. Obama was 2 1/2 hours late which meant that many folks who parked cars at a meter, found their cars had been towed. But they didn’t mind much, which is my point, given the Obama experience they had just witnessed.

On Tuesday, these and many more folks braved the rain and icy roads to give Obama 60% of the vote to Clinton’s 37%.

Perhaps the Clinton camp already sees the writing on the wall. They seemed to have conceded the Potomac primary in the days leading to the vote, even tho they needed a virginia win and needed Maryland to be close.

Consider as perhaps indicative that there was no big pre-primary ‘fire up the troops’ rally for Clinton in Baltimore or College Park, Fredrick or anywhere elsin MD. Sure, Chelsea was spotted at Baltimore’s Belvedere Square Market (which has amazing homemade soups and breads) and Hillary addressed workers at a White Marsh factory, but not much else, and Bill was disappointingly quiet.

Perhaps no firing up because Clinton is already toast.

I think the Potomac Primaries will go down in the political history books for the 08 campaign as marking the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

As of this morning, she faces a delegate and financial crunch. And given the blogosphere’s persuasive demands for transparency this primary season, the Clinton chore wrestling superdelegates (behind closed doors) away from a clear Obama mandate will be closely scrutinized and documented. And the Clintons probably do not want to be remembered for playing Bush to Obama’s Gore. Thus an all the more urgent situation for Hillary since she must now win about 57% of all the remaining delegates.

The potomic primaries might also be remarkable for signalling a progressive resurgence that actually and finally reaches the levers of power.

In addition to Obama, Donna Edwards victory in Maryland’s 4th CD is a victory, according to Kos, not only for “more democrats” but “better democrats.” Donna Edwards beat a democratic incumbent by telling voters in PG county that he was not progressive enough and was too far to the right of the dem party, and it worked. A similar message failed in 2006 when Edwards lost in her first run against Albert Wynn. The times are a changin.

Yep. 2008 seems different. Obama’s “yes we can” bromide is suddenly being felt in people’s bones (and up chris mathews leg). i never would have guessed.

Is Clinton toast?

According to the Potomac, the toaster is plugged in, fired up and ready to go!!


One response to “Potomac Primary Makes Clinton Toast?

  1. The mood of the voters this election season is “anti-establishment” …remember that term from the 1960’s?

    Beginning last summer, the press tried to feed the electorate Guliani and Clinton. Obama broke through thanks to the national TV attention he received at the 2004 Democrat Convention, and his use of cyber skills to bring in the youth vote and independents, and even 65-year old Republicans like me.

    If Huckabee had used the internet, he would be giving McCain a run for the money.

    As a matter of interest, I wonder what would be the allocation of Republican delegates IF they were apportioned like the Democrats?

    My hunch is the Republican race would be close to a 3-way.

    Both Obama and Huckabee are anti-establishment candidates…that is, they are not beltway insiders. No wonder there is an anti-establishment mood with Bush’s favorability ratings at 25%-30% and congress below 15%. The pundits don’t get it!

    Over the last several weeks Sen. Clinton has begun to get off-message. She is trying to weave in Obama’s message into own, and it isn’t playing. Changing one’s message after a $100-million has been spent campaigning is political suicide. We know who owns the unity message, it’s Obama.

    Clinton’s campaign hasn’t been managed very well. To pass over the smaller states is a strategic error of the highest magnitude. Her campaign’s lack of money will become an increasing problem (like you pointed out).

    I hope Clinton knows when to call it a day…although I have my doubts she will.

    I have supported Obama from the beginning, and I see him as now having acquired momentum.

    Obama has broken through the barriers set up by the press last Spring. The press marginalized some good candidates…like Kucinich, Paul…and yes, Huckabee. Obama had the charisma and internet.

    In the future, the internet will further marginalize the influence of the press.

    Thank God!

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